Admission Guidance

We guide and assist students with complete admission process on one to one basis. Our senior counsellors personally assist students in filing up admission forms and we give special attention to your application, highlighting the areas essential for a well-presented application, also assisting with references and the statement of purpose.

Since our counselors have strong experience in this, they can Pre-assess and Pre-qualify student’s application to the desired course and institute whereby making the application process shorter and faster. Our regular follow ups with the Universities result in positive and quick response.

At GVM Global, we support you with:

Course Selection

Confused between Data Science and Data Analytics, or C and D? Don’t worry! It’s a very common problem and we, at GVM Global, have years of experience in helping students make these difficult decisions.

We believe in thoroughly understanding each student’s goals and ambitions, assessing his current profile, while also analysing the professional market scenario, before guiding them in making the best career choices for themselves.

University Selection

You need to understand that the best institution for you is not the one that ranks the highest (there isn’t even an official list!) but the one that matches your academic profile, meets your career goals and fits your budget. We will create a complete and balanced list of the best-fit colleges for you. Because of the vast experience our counsellors have, they can pre-assess your profile and thus, channel your application to a right institute, thereby making the application process short and fast.

Assistance in Application Submission

We understand how intimidating creating applications can seem, with their long forms, the large number of required documents, the exact formats of these documents, and their variation from school to school and nation to nation.

At GVM, we take care of this problem. Our counselors personally guide students at each step. Realizing the importance of discipline in creating cohesive and compelling applications, we keep our student motivated and on task to assemble all application components on time.

Guidance in writing - Statement of Purpose/Essays

Dream Course: Set. College Choices: Set. Application Form: Filled-up. Essays?

After filling up all your general details in the application form, essays are your chance to showcase your true personality. They can help you to present yourself as a real person, with his own experiences and aspirations, and not just a name with grades.

Once you understand the importance of essays, you would also realize how important it is to express yourself effectively, and that’s where we step in. You write your essays and we polish them, making sure your ideas come out crisp and clear.

Follow-up with the universities

Our job does not end with just submitting your application. We regularly track your applications, diligently check university correspondence and follow-up with them for updates. This helps us get quick and efficient responses for our anticipating students. We evaluate offers of admission as well as develop strategies for waitlist and deferral decisions.

Getting offer letters & Legal Documents required to apply for student visa

Once your application is submitted, the university or school will review it thoroughly and notify you of the decision. It can take up to one to six weeks for your application to be processed. If your application is successful, you’ll receive an offer letter from the university. Before you accept the offer, go through it carefully with your counselor to check for any conditions that may apply.

After getting the offer letter, your personal counselor at GVM Global will guide you how to accept the offer of admission and request for non-immigration visa documents.